Guerra, Yalil

Yalil Guerra (b.1973, Havana) is the son of the famous Cuban vocal duo Rosell y Cary. His first musical studies were at the Escuela Nacional de Artes (ENA) in Havana, Cuba (1985-1991) with classical guitar professor and concert master Jorge Luis Zamora. At 16, Guerra won the International Competition & Festival of Classical Guitar in Krakow, Poland - becoming the youngest Cuban awarded a prize in an international competition. He started his career as a producer, composer, and arranger and has worked with artists such as Cristian Castro, Celia Cruz, Albita Rodr√≠guez, Eddie Santiago, Rey Ruiz, Choco Orta and Yamila Guerra among others. Nowadays, he writes music for television networks, and continues to compose and produce albums. (CINTAS Foundation Brandon Fradd Fellowship in music composition, 2014-15)

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