Cartañá, Luis

Luis Cartañá (b. 1942, Havana – d. 1989, Miami): Cartañá studied law in Spain but saw himself primarily as a poet. In 1967, he moved to Puerto Rico, where he taught Spanish literature for 20 years at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. In 1986, on leave from the university, he moved to Madrid to pursue further studies in philology, but he became ill two years later, and moved to Miami, where he died. While in Puerto Rico, Cartañá became founding editor of the Jardín de Espejos imprint and participated in the creation of the Confederation of Latin American Writers. His poetry was collected in several volumes, including Canciones olvidadas, Límites al mar, La mandarina y el fuego, Sobre la música and La joven resina. Only days before his death, the Spanish publisher Editorial Betania issued a final book of his poems, Permanencia del fuego. Cartañá won poetry awards from the Association of Puerto Rican Writers and from the Clara Lair poetry contest. (Cintas for literature, 1983-84)

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