Victoria, Carlos

Carlos Victoria (b. 1950, Camagüey – d. 2007, Miami): A prize-winning writer in Cuba, Victoria left the island on the Mariel boatlift after Cuban authorities arrested him and confiscated his manuscripts. He settled in the United States. His work was published in anthologies and literary magazines in Europe and Latin America as well as in this country. Among his books are Las sombras en la playa, El resbaloso y otros cuentos, La ruta del mago (these last two also published in French) El salón del ciego and La travesía secreta, selected as the best novel of November 2001 by the publisher Phebus. His novel Puente en la oscuridad received a Letras de Oro award and was published in English with the title A Bridge in Darkness. Victoria worked for many years as an editor at El Nuevo Herald. (Cintas for literature, 1993-94)

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