Fernández, Damián

Damián Fernández (b. 1957, Cuba): A longtime academic whose work has focused on Cuban politics, Latin American international relations and postmodern theory and culture, Fernández is the author of Cuba and the Politics of Passion and Cuba's Foreign Policy in the Middle East, and the editor of Cuban Studies since the Revolution, and Central America and the Middle East: The Internationalization of the Crises. He has co-edited several other books, including Cuba, the Elusive Nation: Reinterpretation of National Identity, with Madeline Cámara. Fernández has conducted research in Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Panama and several other Caribbean countries. Fernández received a B.A. from Princeton University and a Ph.D. from the University of Miami. He served as professor of international relations at Florida International University and the director of FIU’ Cuban Research Institute, Provost at Purchase College in New York and, in 2011, was appointed head of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, also in New York. (Cintas for literature, 1981-82)

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