Díaz, Jesús

Jesús Díaz (b. 1941, Havana-d. 2002, Madrid): At the time of his death, Díaz was editor of Encuentro, a magazine he founded in 1996 to publish the works of Cuban intellectuals from the island and in exile. He was the author of several novels, including Las iniciales de la tierra, Las palabras perdidas, Siberiana and La piel y la máscara. His short story collection, Los años duros, won the Casa de las Américas award in 1966. Díaz was also a filmmaker and directed, among others, Lejanía, about an exiled woman who returns to Cuba to visit her son, and 55 Hermanos, the story of young Cuban exiles who returned to their homeland in the 1970s. In Cuba, he was founder and editor of the cultural magazine El caimán barbudo. (Cintas for literature, 2000)

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