García Vega, Lorenzo

Lorenzo García Vega (b. 1926, Jagüey Grande – d. 2012, Miami): The author of several collections of poems, novels and essays, García Vega was honored in 2002 by the Argentine magazine Diario de Poesía for his role as a member of the legendary Cuban literary group Orígenes, and “as an extraordinary writer and exceptional witness to contemporary Cuban history.” His books include the poetry collections Suite para la espera, Ritmos acribillados and Variaciones a como veredicto para sol de otras dudas; the novel Espirales del cuje, and Los años de Orígenes and Antología de la novela cubana. In 2005, the first anthology of his work, titled No mueras sin laberinto, was published in Argentina. (Cintas for literature, 1981-82)

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