Islas, Maya

Maya Islas (b. 1947, Cabaiguán): The co-founder of the literary magazine Palabras y Papel, Islas has published a number of books, including Sola... desnuda... sin nombre, Sombras-papel, La mujer completa, Altazora acompañando a Vicente and Merla. She was recognized with a Carabela de Plata poetry award for Palabras del ave and with the first poetry award given by the Institute of Latin American Writers in New York. She was twice a finalist for the Letras de Oro from the University of Miami and her poetry has appeared in several anthologies including Poetas cubanos en Nueva York, Daughters of the Fifth Sun, The Arc of Love and Floricanto Si! Latina Poetry. Islas was writer in residence at Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic. (Cintas for literature, 1990-91)

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