Mendoza, Tony

Tony Mendoza (b. 1941, Havana) A writer and photographer who combines both mediums to tell stories, Mendoza is the author of four books, including Ernie: A Photographer’s Memoir and Cuba – Going Back. His work was included in the Outside Cuba exhibition and the Cuba-USA: The First Generation traveling exhibition. His photographs are in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum, the Fogg Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, among others. He has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Yale University and a degree in architecture from the Harvard School of Design. He is the winner of three National Endowment for the Arts photography fellowships, a Guggenheim photography fellowship and two Ohio Arts Council writing fellowships. Mendoza teaches photography at Ohio State University. (Cintas for art, 1995-96)

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