García York, Roberto

La Charmeuse Du Printemps, 1971, Oil on canvas, 25.5” x 21.25”

Roberto García York (b. 1929, Havana - d.2005, Paris) A painter and engraver as well as a wardrobe and interior designer, García York was artistic director of the Galerie lOeuf du Beaubourg in Paris and wardrobe designer for the Venice Carnival in Italy and the Festival Internationale du Film in Cannes. His first show, featuring designs of womens fashions, took place in the Havana Lyceum in 1943. He had many solo exhibitions at galleries and museums such as Galería Proteo in Mexico City, the Fondation Rosa de Grancher in Paris, Círculo 2 in Madrid and Galerie Forni in Amsterdam. Group exhibitions include the VI Biennial in Sao Paulo, 7 Peintres Surrealistes Cubains at Galerie Maya in Brussels, Artistes LatinoAmericains de Paris at the Musée dArt Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the First Surrealist Exhibition in Sao Paulo, and Le Fantastique Contemporaine at the Galerie de LUniversité in Paris. His work is represented in the permanent collection of the Musée dArt Moderne de la Ville de Paris. (CINTAS for painting, 1970-71)

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