Méndez-Diez, Francisco

Que Viva Chango, 1976, chrome-lithography, 22.25" x 30"

Francisco Méndez-Diez (b. 1948, Holguin): A painter and printmaker, Méndez-Diez has taught art at the Museum of Fine Arts and at Roxbury Community College, both in Boston. He is also a frequent participant in panels and seminars on museum issues. Exhibitions include a one-person show in Santa Fe, N.M., and numerous group exhibitions, including Boston Printmakers, Brush Gallery in Lowell, Mass., and the New Britain Museum of Art in Connecticut. His works are in the collections of Westfield State College in Massachusetts, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the Miami-Dade Public Library and various private collections. Méndez-Diez received a fifth year studio diploma from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and studied painting in Puerto Rico. He is the winner of Ture Bengtz and Boit awards, and of an honorable mention at the 5th Bienal del Grabado Latino Americano in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is manager of community arts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where he manages partnerships with 10 community organizations and supervises an annual artist's project that culminates in an exhibition at the museum. (Cintas for art, 1976-77)

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