Fellowship in Architecture & Design

The CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture & Design will not be offered this year (2019-20).

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Candidates in the fields of architectural design, interior design, urban design and urban planning may submit applications for the fellowship. All materials should be submitted digitally if possible, on cd, dvd or flash drive. Hard copies of work samples are optional but may be included in one portfolio. In the event items are submitted that are not firmly attached to a portfolio, each should be individually labeled with the applicant's name. The date of execution of each work should be listed. For the purpose of historical value, the winner is expected to submit signed and dated portfolio to be added to the CINTAS Fellows Collection.

Since 1963, the CINTAS Foundation has awarded over 21 fellowships in architecture. In addition to supporting Cuban artists, many early in their careers, the CINTAS Foundation also maintains a growing collection of works by past awardees and other esteemed Cuban artists. For the purpose of historical value and documentation, architectural award recipients are encouraged to submit architectural drawings (i.e., representative samples of their work) to be added to the CINTAS Fellows Collection after the grant period. 

Eligibility: Creative artists of Cuban citizenship or direct lineage (having a Cuban parent or grandparent). Applicants engaged in research, students, or performing artists are not eligible to apply for CINTAS Fellowships.Cintas Fellowships can only be awarded a maximum of 2 times to an individual.

All forms must be filled out and submitted attached to an email or saved to a cd, dvd or flash drive. All forms should be signed as required and electronic signatures are acceptable.


The original application, in black ink or, preferably, printed, must be submitted. The application must be completed in English or Spanish. Please complete all sections of the application.

Artist's and Project Statements

Prepare two narrative statements: The Artist's Statement describes your personal history, your development as an artist, and your plans for the future. The Project Statement describes the project or activity that you would undertake if awarded a CINTAS Fellowship. Please include a timeline for the project, and identify other sources, where appropriate, of funding for the project.

Letters of Recommendation

Candidates must submit two letters of recommendation with the application. Letters may be submitted separately, if necessary, but must be received by the application deadline. Each letter of recommendation must be submitted as a PDF attached to an email, containing the recommender's signature and written in English or Spanish. Hard copies of the signed letter are also acceptable.

Submission of Work Samples

All material should be submitted to the CINTAS Fellowship Selection Program by the application deadline. Candidates are urged to ship portfolios by USPS Express Mail. Acceptable formats are DVDs and CDs accompanied by a corresponding image list. Materials must be accompanied by the Work Sample Form. Pieces should be carefully itemized on this form. Limit the submission to ten (10) samples.

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