Please check the individual fellowship pages for more information.

CINTAS Fellowships acknowledge creative accomplishments and encourage excellence in architecture & design, literature, music composition and the visual arts. Eligibility is limited to artists of Cuban citizenship or direct descent (having a Cuban parent or grandparent). Applications are reviewed by panels of qualified members from each artistic discipline. The Board of the CINTAS Foundation, Inc., awards fellowships based on the recommendations of the panels. CINTAS Fellows are free to pursue their artistic activities as indicated in their application. The fellowships are not awarded for academic study or research, or to performing artists. Fellowships are not awarded more than twice to the same person. Second awards are granted only to candidates demonstrating outstanding artistic development. 

Fellowships are awarded annually for the disciplines selected and announced on the web site for each year. The amount of the Fellowship is $20,000 currently. The award is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. 

The CINTAS Fellowship Program is administered by the CINTAS Foundation Board.


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